Berwick-Trinity Pastoral Charge

Spiritual Enrichment & Outreach Team

  • Rev. Tom Woods - member
  • Carolina Tucker 678-6251
  • Betty Thompson 538-8628
  • Heather Kellock 538-9472
  • Edith Menzies 679-1806
  • Purpose: This team will work with the minister to nurture and educate our spirits and respond to the needs of the wider community (local, national and international)
    Membership: 4 plus minister

  • · searching out and planning program opportunities for children and youth
  • · searching out and providing program opportunities for adults(these may be studies, retreats, workshops, focus
  • events, etc.)
  • · organizing events that provide an opportunity for the congregation to be nurtured through “playing” together
  • · encouraging congregational members to recognize and use their gifts in the life of the church
  • · consulting with congregation as to desires and needs in programming
  • · supporting leaders/facilitators through providing resources and training opportunities
  • · nurturing volunteers and seeing they feel valued for their work
  • · seeking outreach opportunities and presenting them to the congregation for action
  • · guiding the congregation in response to crisis situations ( local, national and international)
  • · assisting minister in administering the Good News Fund and monitoring its balance.
  • · receiving names for and ensuring there is someone organizing the Christmas Hamper program
  • · seeking opportunities for partnerships with established community groups such as Open Arms, Valley
  • Hospice, etc.
  • · carrying on our work with PLAN foster children and refugee sponsorship
  • · coordinating visiting and events at local nursing homes
  • · promoting stewardship and estate planning using UCC resources