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Berwick-Trinity Church Organizations

    Space is available for official groups of the Berwick Trinity Pastoral Charge to have pages on this website... please contact the webpage administrator or the church office for access permission and instruction on use.

 Administration of a group's page is easy if you can log onto a webpage and  type on a word processor. The editing is done with a simple editing page.  The purpose of the individual group pages is to provide space for each group to communicate with its members and to let the rest of the church community know of their activities. When you get permission to administer a page, you will be given a user name and password. You than can access the editor that will put information on your group's page.

A  person representing a group can also be given an email address of the form  By special request to the administrator of this site, a list server can also be set up to provide communication via email between groups of members. An example lister server email might be

  • Official Board
  • Ministry and Personnel Committee
  • Berwick Congregation
    • Session
    • United Church Women
    • Stewards and Trustees
    • Choir
    • Music Committee
  • Trintiy Congregation:
    • Session/Stewards/Trustees (Combined)
    • United Church Women
    • Choir